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Woman to take up post as SVG’s first ambassador to Taiwan

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Woman to take up post as SVG’s first ambassador to Taiwan

When Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves travels to the Republic of China on Taiwan in August, he hopes to travel with this country’s ambassador designate, who will take up her position at this country’s new embassy in Taipei.

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Gonsalves announced earlier this year that St Vincent and the Grenadines would open an embassy in Taiwan.

And yesterday he said on radio that a woman will fill the ambassadorial position.

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“I don’t know whether she would go and stay or come back and go with the minister counsellor,” the prime minister said. “The relationship with Taiwan is mature. We have a number of students over there. Peggy Carr, who is a remarkable woman, who lives there was doing essentially consular work free and I’m sure she will help the new embassy in her own private capacity because she is a selfless individual, but she is doing her own thing.”

Gonsalves opted not to disclose the name of the ambassador designate, saying that he will leave that to foreign affairs minister and deputy prime minister, Sir Louis Straker.

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But he said that the diplomatic staff will come from St Vincent and the Grenadines.