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Blessing bounces back

Blessing bounces back

When Bless­ing the dog was found by El­speth Dun­can in the To­ba­go for­est three months ago he looked and act­ed noth­ing like he does to­day.

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Video footage from when the dog was dis­cov­ered showed him shiv­er­ing, all alone, eat­ing the food he found on the ground.

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His bones no­tice­ably pierc­ing through his skin and the fur on his body very thin.

When Dun­can found the dog com­mon­ly called a “Pothound” she im­me­di­ate­ly called for help.

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A col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween El­speth’s shel­ter Venus: Doggess of Love, the TTSP­CA, the North-West Vet­eri­nary Clin­ic, the An­i­mal Wel­fare Net­work along with oth­ers brought Bless­ing back to life.

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“Every­body just do­ing small things to just make the domi­no ef­fect hap­pen,” said Michelle Louren­co.

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Front desk man­ag­er of the North-West Vet­eri­nary Clin­ic Michelle Louren­co who said Bless­ing came a long way, gave most of the cred­it for the dog’s re­cov­ery to Dun­can.

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“You’re ei­ther some­body that’s go­ing to res­cue or you’re not, you ei­ther go­ing to see some­thing in need at the side of the road or you’re go­ing to pass it straight,” said Louren­co

When Bless­ing was brought in­to the TTSP­CA he was di­ag­nosed with a num­ber of ill­ness­es, one that still haunts him to­day

“He test­ed pos­i­tive for tick fever, Oral Pa­pil­lo­ma and De­mod­ec­tic mange,” said Louren­co

Bless­ing still strug­gles with de­mod­ec­tic mange but with prop­er care, Louren­co said he will be just fine.

“Oth­er than his skin this dog is go­ing to be a hap­py, healthy dog.”

But as Bless­ing re­cov­ers, Louren­co said the next step in the dog’s jour­ney is for him to go to his new fos­ter home to learn the ba­sic skills of be­ing a pet.

These skills in­clude learn­ing to walk on a leash, adopt a lit­ter sched­ule and how to play

Af­ter Bless­ing learns these skills he will be on a plane to Cana­da, where he will be fos­tered un­til some­one there adopts him.

The Cana­di­an cit­i­zen learned about Bless­ing through Dun­can’s Face­book page

Dif­fer­ent peo­ple and shel­ters came to­geth­er to se­cure Bless­ing’s trip. Some artistes even sold their paint­ings and raised TT$2,100 for Bless­ing’s air­fare

“A pi­lot has agreed to take him as his lug­gage,” said Louren­co

Louren­co ad­mit­ted that Bless­ing’s case is not unique.

“Very few peo­ple want brown Pothounds in Trinidad, they are con­sid­ered com­mon.”

But she is ap­peal­ing with the pop­u­la­tion to find an­oth­er way

“I won’t judge some­one for stray­ing a dog but there are oth­er op­tions,” Louren­co said.