Video: Watch amazing robots built by young Nigerians

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Young Nigerians, who are not even yet in their teenage years are inventing amazing robots after learning coding.

Among the inventions is a laundry-folding machine and a robot which can pick up objects. Fathia Abdullahi: builds robotic t-shirt folder

Fathia Abdullahi who invented the robotic t-shirt folder said she did so to relieve the burden of manually folding clothes at the weekend. Her robot can fold a t-shirt in 3 seconds. Oluwatomiloba Owolola

Oluwatomiloba Owolola is 12 years old who developed a robot grabber, a machine that can pick any nearby object.

They all started learning about coding two years ago in Port Harcourt at Niger Code Cafe, being run by Ugochukwu Okocha. He has trained over 1000 Nigerian youths.

Watch the amazing young Nigerians in Reuters videos:

Watch another video via this link: