By Martin Weil Martin Weil Local reporter Email Bio Follow July 2 at 9:14 PM The Virginia Beach City Council voted Tuesday to order an independent review of the circumstances leading to the deadly mass shooting there several weeks ago — a move that

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The Virginia Beach City Council voted Tuesday to order an independent review of the circumstances leading to the deadly mass shooting there several weeks ago — a move that had been sought by the families of some of the victims, who were dissatisfied with the information that has so far been released.

By a 10-to-0 vote, the council passed a resolution directing the city auditor to hire an independent consultant to look into such matters as the job history and workplace interactions of the gunman, DeWayne Craddock.

Craddock, who had been an engineer for the city’s public utilities department, had resigned from his position on May 31, the day he opened fire at the city’s municipal center.

A leader in calling for the independent inquiry was Jason Nixon, whose wife, Kate, was one of the 12 people killed that day . At least two other victims’ families have also called for an inquiry.

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Nixon has told The Washington Post that although the city has described Craddock’s performance as satisfactory, that characterization was inaccurate.

He said his wife, who was a compliance manager in the city’s public utilities department, had told him she had “written up” Craddock for poor work, and that Craddock was disrespectful toward her because “she was a woman and higher-powered.”

While a police investigation into the shooting is ongoing, Nixon told The Post that he wanted the independent investigation to answer questions about Craddock’s performance, what was done about it, and why he hadn’t been dismissed long ago if he created difficulties.

Nixon, who was left to raise the couple’s three children alone, did not speak at Tuesday evening’s council meeting, but his sister, Mandy Nixon-Hammer, repeated the family’s call for an “unbiased” investigation. That’s “all we ask,” she said.

The council’s resolution called for the review to start as soon as a contract is awarded — no later than Aug. 15. It should include a timeline, an examination of the gunman’s employment history and workplace interactions, and a review of city policies, including those related to security and prevention of workplace violence, the resolution said.

The resolution also promises that the independent investigator shall have “unrestricted access” to city employees, documents and other material, and that the city auditor will have “no control over the substance of the review.”

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