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Class of KidsPost: Second-graders at Bucknell Elementary


By Dara Elasfar Dara Elasfar KidsPost writer and news aide Email Bio Follow February 10 at 9:00 AM Leslie Johnson’s second-grade class at Bucknell Elementary in Alexandria , Virginia, is the February Class of KidsPost. Johnson’s 16 student’s love the Harry Potter series, care about animals and

enjoy eating cake.

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We will feature one class in grades two through seven each month of the school year. If you would like your class considered, ask your teacher to download our questionnaire at , have students fill it out, and send it, along with a class picture, to ­ [email protected]­washpost.­com . Classes chosen receive a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay or Journey to Space poster, a KidsPost pencil for each student and a selection of books. Teachers interested in learning more about KidsPost can sign up for our weekly email at postteachers .

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Favorite author and favorite book: The Harry Potter series is an overall favorite of this class with five votes. Mo Willem’s ” Elephant and Piggie ” books snagged second place. Authors they enjoy are E.B. White, Dav Pilkey and Megan McDonald.

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Favorite singer or musician: Pop star Ariana Grande was the Number 1 pick, with four votes. There was stiff competition for second place between DJ Marshmello and Bucknell Elementary music teacher Lisa Pasch.

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Favorite game, sport or hobby: Johnson’s students enjoy so many hobbies and sports that there was no clear favorite. But drawing, soccer, Roblox, Fortnite and reading were some of the picks.

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Author J.K. Rowling is clearly a class favorite. Not only to they like her Harry Potter books, but she is one of their most-admired people. (Bill Haber/AP) Person, living or dead, you ­admire most: Four students picked Mom as the person they admire the most. Tied for second place is author J.K. Rowling and President Abraham Lincoln. “J.K. Rowling, because she has a big imagination,” said one student

Favorite website or app: These kids love watching videos. The app TikTok received five votes, earning the top spot. YouTube placed second with three votes

If you could go on a trip anywhere, where would you go? Three students want to take out their broomsticks and head to Hogwarts at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. There was a tie between Hawaii and Florida for second

Favorite birthday food: Cake is a class favorite with five votes. Other food the second-graders find tasty are pizza, marshmallow pops and tacos

Favorite holiday: Easter hopped to first place with five votes. There was a tie between Christmas and Valentine’s Day for second place with two votes each

Do you have a pet or pets? The class is split. Seven students have no pets at home, but the other nine have a bunch — 11 dogs, 10 cats and three fish!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Animal-related careers are popular with these kids. Two want to be dolphin trainers. Two more mentioned veterinarian and dog trainer. Other top job picks included professional soccer player, doctor and chef

If you were president, what’s one thing you would do to help the country or its people? Most of the students said they want to help save animals and people. Ways they suggested doing that include making homes for bees and stopping pollution. One student aimed to give kids a big reward: “Say on the news every kid should get what they want, including pets.”

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