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‘Bye!’: Young boy drops to his knees and crawls out of meeting with Queen Elizabeth II

By Jennifer Hassan Jennifer Hassan Social media editor for the foreign desk Email Bio Follow December 7 at 10:35 AM How to greet the queen: bow, curtsy, handshake or, in this case, crawl.

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While most people opt for a traditional welcome when meeting Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, one boy dropped to the floor and crawled speedily to the nearest available exit during a meeting with her majesty earlier this week.

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The queen was on a visit to the Thomas Coram Foundation for Children in London to open a new center named after her and to meet some of the children and families involved with the Coram charity, which seeks to improve the lives of young people.

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In the video, the boy can be seen standing in front of his parents. He is dressed smartly. His face is blank; his eyes are wide. “This is our adopted son” the woman says as the queen approaches the expectant crowd.

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And with that, the boy is off

The star-struck child, identified as 9-year-old Nathan Grant, can be seen fleeing between the legs of his parents. The crowd around him chuckles and the queen offers a smile as she moves on to meet a woman who follows royal expectations a little more closely by offering a curtsy. Later, as the camera pans, the boy is seen (still on his hands and knees) yelling “Bye!” from the door

Footage of the child’s emergency exit was warmly welcomed on social media, where many people empathized with his overwhelmed reaction

“He is all of us,” tweeted one user. “Man, I feel for him because I’ve been in situations where I wished I could have done exactly that,” wrote another. One observer described the footage as “the young version of Brexit,” comparing his decision to leave with that of the country’s highly controversial referendum result on exiting the European Union

“This is what I want to do in pretty much all social situations. What a hero,” read another tweet

The queen, who was dressed head to toe in a delightful teal ensemble, joined children and staff at the center for Christmas tree decorating and Christmas carols on the grounds outside

Other unforgettable royal meetings have included Queen Elizabeth and an elephant, Prince Charles with the Spice Girls and a pajama-clad Prince George being allowed to stay up late to meet the Obamas