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Efforts continue to improve air access to Dominica


Tourism Minister, Robert Tonge

A team from Dominica was expected to meet with LIAT officials in Antigua today, Thursday December 6, 2018, to discuss the improvement of air access to this country.

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Tourism minister, senator Robert Tonge, said this was an indication of how the ministry of tourism and Discover Dominica Authority continue to work smart in advancing Dominica’s air access.

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He said they were also working with Executive Manager of Caribbean Airlines, Simon Fabien, in an effort which he said is expected to bring some improvement to Dominica’s tourism later this year.

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“We continue to work with Simon which will have flights later in December to Dominica, therefore, improving connections. We just hired an aviation consultant to ensure what we’re doing is the right thing and that we have the best possible ways to move forward,” Tonge said

He encouraged Dominicans to keep the country clean and green and to minimize garbage pollution.

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