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Patterson promises wifi, infrastructure upgrade at Calabar


Former Prime Minister of Jamaica P J Patterson today returned to his alma mater Calabar High School promising to have the entire school wired with the Internet as well as to upgrade the institution’s gate and entrance.

Patterson said funds will be mobilised, noting that the projects should begin next school term, which starts in January 2019, and should be completed by the start of the new school year.

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He was speaking with a group of sixth formers at the school during a Student Motivation and Empowerment Programme session, which was organised by the Kingston and St Andrew Homecoming Foundation.

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“This is the age of technology and we are working to see if we can get funding so that Calabar is wired completely, that we can produce excellence in the field of technology.

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“The other thing is that this school needs a proper gate and entrance. During next term, we are going to be breaking ground and we hope that by September, for the new school year, Calabar will have a gate that is a symbol to everyone who passes through that gate, that they are entering hallowed ground and that they have a duty to give the utmost for the highest,” Patterson said.

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Tomorrow, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding will visit his alma mater Jamaica College to speak with students.

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A session is also scheduled for Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips to visit Camperdown High School, his alma mater

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