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President returns today


President David Granger …completes first round of chemotherapy, to return to Cuba for more treatment PRESIDENT David Granger will this evening return to Guyana from Cuba after spending some three weeks there for medical treatment, during which he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer that starts in the white blood cells.

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The President’s medical team of Cuban specialists has given approval for him to travel home, Guyana‘s Ambassador to Cuba, Halim Majeed, said in a statement on Monday. The Head of State is expected to fully recover under the supervision of his doctors. “Thus far, His Excellency, the President, has received the first round of chemotherapy treatment and, according to the medical team, has responded very well. With the President’s highly specialised medical care and treatment for nearly three weeks–and his positive response to the medical interventions and treatment,” the statement which was released by the Public Information and Press Services Unit of the Ministry of the Presidency said.

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Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who is performing the duties of President, also updated parliamentarians on the return of President Granger during Monday’s sitting of the National Assembly. Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira expressed words of comfort on behalf of the opposition during Monday’s sitting.

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The President would depart Havana this morning and will arrive in Guyana in the evening. “The President continues his daily routine of work, treatment and rest under the supervision of his medical team,” the statement from Havana said.

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While in Cuba, the Head of State met with several top Cuban government officials. On Friday, November 9, 2018, President Granger met Cuba’s First Vice President, His Excellency Salvador Valdes Mesa, who was performing the duties of the President of Cuba, and Vice-Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), the Honorable Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga, to discuss a number of matters of mutual interest

From left to right : Halim Majeed, Guyana´s Ambassador to Cuba, President David Granger, Cuba’s First Vice-President, H.E. Salvador Valdes Mesa; the Cuban Interpreter; and Vice-Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga (MINREX) . (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of the Presidency) The statement said that President Granger wishes to reiterate publicly his deep appreciation to His Excellency, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermuda, President of the Republic of Cuba, Army General Raul Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Honorable Jose Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health, His Excellency, Narciso Reinaldo Amador Socorro, Ambassador of Cuba in Guyana and, indeed, the Government of the Republic of Cuba for the excellent arrangements that were put in place for his arrival in Cuba and his subsequent extraordinary medical treatment in CIMEQ

He also reiterated his public gratitude to Guyanese in the homeland and in the Diaspora; the office of the United Nations in Cuba, to the many Prime Ministers, former Prime Ministers and Presidents; to the Dean of the CARICOM Diplomatic Caucus in Cuba and the entire Caucus; the Guyana Red Cross Society; the Central Islamic Organization (CIOG); to his friends and colleagues  and all those who sent their best wishes for his full and complete recovery – and his speedy return to Guyana to again serve the national interest. “He is ever grateful for their prayers and support. His Excellency, the President, would like to publicly thank the Management of CIMEQ; his Team of Medical Specialists; the Team of Nurses; the other medical staff of CIMEQ, and his Security and Protocol Detail for their professionalism, the special care and attention which he has received and for the excellent facilities in which he has been accommodated,” the statement read

According to the statement, the President may be required to return to Havana in a time prescribed by his Medical Team in order to examine and evaluate the progress of his recovery and to extend his schedule of treatment