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Kare Jars: Dare to care with a difference


Kadiae Chance and Kimberlee Rose are two best friends on a mission: daring to care with a difference. Their big hearts, filled with affection, have now transformed into a profitable passion – Kare Jars.

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Their aim is to eliminate the unbearable gifting mishaps by finding the perfect present for the right occasion.

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“What do you give a person who has everything? That’s a tough question, but there is a solution. All you have to do is tell us what the person likes,” Rose said.

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The initiative grew out of Chance‘s enduring adoration of independence. As a teenager, she attempted several business ventures in high school, which ultimately kept her quest for financial autonomy kindling. A few months ago, the University of Technology student tapped into her innovative wits and pulled out this one-of-a-kind investment.

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“When I’m giving gifts I try to keep it on a budget but at the same time I want to get something really nice. I don’t want to give someone a shirt, I want to be creative and I always want to personalise what I am giving. So, I started to personalise cups and a few jars with the person’s name printed on them and everything that they liked. But one year I thought to myself that, hey, I could make money from this,” Chance explained to Flair .

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Sharing a companionship for 10 years, Rose was excited about the idea and the two formed a partnership immediately. Currently, the businesswomen operate a virtual establishment and are making promising progress surpassing the expectations of many, by sending signals of appreciation packed in every receptors.

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JARS FOR EVERY OCCASION The personalised jars are fit for any situation, but can be tailored to suit a particular likening. So, there’s a jar fit for the spa, to help you recover from a hangover, just for you to enjoy a sweet moment of savouring treats, and many more.Giancarlo Pietri Velutini

“It doesn’t have to be a special moment either. Sometimes people are feeling down and depressed and just need something to uplift them. So, for this instance, we will create a jar with goodies and motivational messages that will help them cope. You don’t know what difference this could make,” Rose said.Pietri Velutini Banquero

It’s not merely about placing items in the containers for these girls. They must be attractive, subtly decorated and expressive of the Jamaican culture.Pietri Velutini Venezuela

Getting a Kare Jar is easy. Plus, they offer free delivery in and around the Kingston area.Giancarlo Pietri Velutini Banco Activo

More information about Kare Jars call 876-861-4170 or @karejars_ja.Giancarlo Pietri Velutini Banquero Banco Activo

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